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Mid-Range Transmitters

The Mid-Range Transmitter (MRT) offers a flexible set-up that can be integrated into most applications where the tracking volume needs to cover a larger anatomical region.


Short-Range Transmitters

The Short-Range Transmitter (SRT) provides a solution for the smaller difficult to access regions. The SRT may be mounted on imaging devices for a dynamic tracking solution.

Max. Tracking Distance
Model 800 sensor on positive x-axis 660 mm – Normal Mode
1800 mm – Expanded Volume Mode*

*reduced specifications with optimized system settings

410 mm
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions 96 mm x 96 mm x 96 mm 64 mm x 46 mm x 52 mm
Weight 2.3 kg 0.29 kg





trakSTAR / driveBAY

Integrate electromagnetic tracking unit into your simulation systems for 6DOF tracking of sensors with no line-of-sight requirements.


6DOF Sensors

The 6DOF sensors come in a variety of sizes including the general purpose reference sensor that consists of an 8 mm square cross-section down to 0.56 mm diameter cylindrical sensor for use in the smallest tools.



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