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miniBIRD offers full functionality of our other DC magnetic trackers, while tracking the instant position and orientation of sensors, 5 mm and 8 mm wide.


Click here to download our miniBIRD brochure. PDF File


Electronics unit with 8 mm
sensors and transmitter.


• Electronics unit

• DC magnetic field transmitter

• 8 mm and 5 mm sensors

• Power supply



Up to ±76.2 cm in any direction
Coverage Set-Up & Use: Our mid-range transmitter is ideal for desktop applications in environments containing conductive metals.


  • 3D image rendering in ultrasound
  • Measurement of anatomical structure and function
  • Laproscope, endoscope, and surgical instrument tracking and placement
  • Intrabody navigation, localization and guidance
  • Real-time simulation and visualization
  • Monitoring of human and animal motion for biomechanical analysis


Miniaturized Sensors
  • Excellent for internal measurements.
Pulsed DC magnetic technology
  • Minimal sensitivity to metal. (Medical grade stainless steel does not affect tracker).
  • Five times less susceptible to distortion caused by nearby metal than AC technology.
6 degrees-of-freedom
  • Unrestricted range of motion.
1-4 sensors with dedicated processors
  • Simultaneous tracking of multiple sensors with highest measurement rates.

miniBIRD Model 500 (5mm x 5mm x 10mm) sensor

miniBIRD Model 800 (8mm x 8mm x 18mm) sensor


Degrees of freedom: 6 (Position and Orientation)
Translation range*: Model 800: ±76.2cm in any direction Model 500: ±45.7cm in any direction
Angular range: All Attitude: ±180° Azimuth & Roll, ±90° Elevation
Static Accuracy: Position: 1.8mm RMS Orientation: 0.5° RMS
Static Resolution: Position: 0.5mm Orientation: 0.1° @ 30.5cm
Measurement rate: Up to 120 measurements/second regardless of number of sensors
Outputs: X, Y, Z positional coordinates and orientation angles, rotation matrix, or quaternions
Data Format: Binary
Modes: Point or stream
Interface: RS-232, USB converter is available.
Warm-up: System shall meet accuracy specifications after 5 minutes.
Transmitter: 9.6cm cube with 3m cable
  • Model 500: 10mm x 8mm x 8mm (l x w x h) with 3 meter cable Weight: .8 g (.03 oz) without cable, 126 g (4.4 oz) with cable
  • Model 800: 18mm x 5mm x 5mm for Model 500 with 3 meter cable Weight: 1.2 g (0.7 oz) without cable, 169 g (6 oz) with cable
Electronics Unit: 24cm x 29cm x 6.6cm (Stand-alone Model)
Power: External plug-in: US/European version
Environment: Metal objects and stray magnetic fields in the operation volume will degrade performance.

* Accuracy verified over a range from 20cm to 45.7cm for the Model 500 and 20.3cm to 76.2cm for the Model 800

miniBIRD is a general-purpose motion tracker suitable for many applications. Biomedical references in this document are examples of what medical companies have done with Ascension trackers after obtaining all necessary medical certifications. Ascension trackers are not certified for use in medicine without the end user/OEM complying with all pertinent FDA/CE/IRB regulatory requirements.


  • FCC Part 15, Class A
  • CE: EN 50081-1, Class A
    EN 50082-1, Class 1
    EN 61010-1

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