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Announcement: NDI is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ascension Technology Corporation by its parent company Roper Industries, Inc.

Ascension is located in the beautiful Champlain Valley of northwest Vermont. Company facilities are in Milton, a suburb of the state's largest city, Burlington. Geographically, Ascension is 90 miles south of Montreal and 240 miles northwest of Boston. Burlington is conveniently served by daily jet service to New York, Boston, Washington DC, and numerous hub cities.

About Ascension

Top left: Ascension co-founders Jack Scully, left, and Ernie Blood, right, receive commemorative plaques from employees, celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary in 2006.

Top right: Company facilities just outside Burlington, Vermont (USA)



Like many high tech companies, Ascension grew from humble origins. To read how the company evolved from a two man entrepreneurial start-up to world class maker of 3D tracking devices for global markets, click the magazine cover.


3D tracking is Ascension’s only business. We make 16 tracking products employing four proprietary technologies. From tracking a head in a cockpit with a 25-mm wide sensor to guiding a catheter in a blood vessel with a 0.3 mm wide sensor, we have the right product for your application.

Our newest product, 3D Guidance™, precisely localizes and navigates medical instruments within a patient’s body for image-guided procedures and visualization.

Ascension’s tracking and 3D guidance products precisely capture human and instrument movements in free space.


For 21 years, we have been developing trackers to meet emerging needs. We started with helmet tracking for tactical aircraft and simulators and moved on to virtual reality and computer animation, and now we have perfected a line of guidance and navigation devices for image guidance in minimally invasive medical procedures.

Our trackers are used worldwide in six markets. Clockwise, from top left, military target acquisition, flight simulation, real-time visualization, biomechanics, computer animation, and surgical navigation.

Call: (802) 985-1114 or 866-428-9903 (inside USA only)

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